Saturday, February 19, 2011


Have you ridden the beach paths North of the Pier recently?  Notice the newly applied paint striping from about 6th street to Bolsa Chica State Beach.   We now have bicyclists guided on a path with a center-line stripe separating the directions of travel.  For most of the way there is a parallel path that pedestrians are guided to.  I understand that technically the beach paths are still "multi-use" paths but with guidance to reduce conflicts of use. 

My observation is that although there is more that needs to be done, the new striping is significantly reducing conflicts between bicyclists and pedestrians,  and also between bicyclists traveling in opposite directions.  That should make it safer and easier for all users of our beach paths, including bicyclists and pedestrians. 

I encourage you to thank City Council Members Boardman and Shaw for their strong support of the project, our Public Works team for implementing it  effectively and efficiently, and Dan Hazard for his efforts in advocating the improvements,.  Once the decision was made it was done in "no time".

We now need  improvements to the Beach Path South of the pier. 

What do you think?

Jim Powers