Thursday, September 30, 2010

HuBBA Background

Huntington Beach Bicycle Advocates (HuBBA)


HuBBA was formed in June 2010 by several Orange County members of the League of American Bicyclists to be advocates for making Huntington Beach a more bicycle friendly community. Since spring 2010 the HuBBA founders have worked diligently with the city of Huntington Beach’s mayor and many departments to complete and submit a lengthy five point application to the League of American bicyclists for recognition as one of America’s roughly one hundred bicycle friendly communities. Many bicycle friendly communities across America have set up advocacy groups like HuBBA. The league will review the application in August and will seek input from members from HuBBA.  HuBBA does not compete with other bicycle clubs, it is strictly an advocacy group.

HuBBA seeks a broad representation of individual and family bicyclists who live in or ride in Huntington Beach including street riders, bicycle path riders, dirt trail/mountain bicycle riders, and beach cruisers. We envision infrequent meetings only as needed and will rely primarily on email communication.

Focus of HuBBA Activities:   

The American League of Bicycles Bicycle Friendly Community award criteria will be our template and measurement of success focusing on the five key areas: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation and Planning.  Huntington Beach has made great strides to become a more bicycle friendly community and HuBBA will continue to promote and monitor additional improvements in these five key areas. For example, the city has a general plan that includes bicycle related elements under review for revision in 2011; HuBBA plans on making suggestions based on community feedback from our members.

For more information contact either Dan Hazard at  or Jim Powers at

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