Saturday, October 2, 2010

HuBBA proposed 14 Point Plan.

The 14 point plan is underway but it still needs our help and support to keep it moving in the right directions.


1.  Publicize the city’s pride in being bike friendly and make a public commitment to become an even more bicycle friendly city.
 2.  Create an approved Bicycle Master Plan for the city.
 3.  Conduct bicycle traffic skills classes for teens and adults in the city’s Community Services  Department. 
4.  Promote bicycle safety classes in our schools.
5.  Encourage safe routes to school programs throughout the city.
6. Implement a publicity program to educate the public about sharing the road. 
7.  Recognize and publicize a city wide bike to work day, and bike month with a series of bicycle oriented events.
8.  Supplement the police training curriculum to add more emphasis on the vehicle code as it applies to  bicyclists and the concept of vehicular cycling. 
9.  Survey all bike lanes to verify that they are up to current CAMUTCD standards.
10.  Improve our heavily used beach bike paths to reduce the hazardous conflicts that occur between pedestrians and bicycles.
11.  Expand our Diversion Program to include motorists involved in bike incidents as well as ticketed bicyclists to be diverted to a bicycle education class in lieu of a fine.
12.  Designate one qualified city employee as a Bicycle Program Coordinator.
13.  Form a Bicycle Advisory Board within the city government to include representatives from all city departments that are involved in bicycle related actions, as well as citizen representatives of the bicycling community.   
14.   Aggressively seek outside funds including grants to help support our bicycle friendly actions.

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